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Prowell Woodworks, Inc
PO Box 785
Sebastopol, CA

Sonoma County Shop:
Shop visits are by appointment only.





Direct contact with Ben Prowell:

Direct contact with Charles Prowell:


Shop Visits:

Charles and Ben's Sonoma County shop is just off Hwy 101: Although you are always welcome to visit, make a note that this is where Charles and Ben work, upon moving from the location of the past 30 years in Sebastopol. A move of convenience--with the finisher, crater, and metalworker across the street and the big rigs from the mills and UPS no longer complaining about the quaint narrow streets of Sebastopol. There are normally several completed gate styles and various products scattered about the shop, as well as projects either under way or waiting for a freight pick-up. And yet it is not formally a showroom. There is no antechamber or receptionists schooled in greeting pleasantries. Simply Charles and Ben, who are pleased you've taken the time for a visit.

Outlying Shop Locations: Seattle, Chicago, and Baltimore
We have for the past 20 years employed journeyman artisan woodworkers whose shops are situated in various locations around the country. As former furnituremakers and graduates of various guilds and full-term programs, they nevertheless all complete an extensive online tutorial in a re-education of Prowell's methodology. But . . . they are woodworkers and not sales personel. Their roles in these satellite shops is free from all those constraints that normally preoccupy a self-employed woodworking business: sales, designing, creating drawings, providing estimates, providing invoices, even site visits. This is all managed in Sonoma County and posted to each shop's online database. Their focus, consequently, is the work and only the work and they are not available for shop visits.


It's important that your call or write to schedule your visit, lest you arrive like the lad below. On the outside, wanting in.

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