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Custom Wood Garden Gate Arbor #1

>>How to Order




(Ground Posts not included)
>>Made to your Specified Widths
Maximum 4' width
between posts
Maximum 6' width
between posts
Maximum 8' width
between posts
Maximum 10' width
between posts
To match ground posts of 3-1/2" sq
To match ground posts of 5-1/2" sq
>>Valance Panel Only
wood gates
Arbor #1 is designed to mount onto walls, columns, or wood posts.
Garden Arbor #1
Wood Garden Gate Arbor #1 by Prowell


wood gates
San Diego, CA

Garden Gate #10 flanked by stone columns. Gate Arbor #1, in this application, arrives fully assembled with the two extension posts at a length to insure 7' clearance to the bottom of the Valance Panel.

When mounting onto columns or walls such as this, the bottom of the Extension Posts are bored for 1/2" dia. threaded rod (included). Templates are provided for boring the corresponding holes in the columns. This results in a mounting system that eliminates unsightly iron brackets.

Garden Arbor #1
wood Garden Arbor #1 in San Diego, CA


    WOOD ARBOR 1-1

Scarborough, Canada

Wood Arbor #1-1 shown with Garden Gate style #24.
Because the site posts were set specifically for our assembly, they extend to a height Prowell calls out on the drawings, fitting directly to the notched seat of the arbor beam. This eliminates the Extension posts shown in the above Arbor #1. The cost is therefore slightly less.


Garden Arbor #1-1
Custom wood garden arbor #1-1 in Canada


    WOOD ARBOR 1-2
    Listed Price less 6%  
An application where we provided only the Valance Panels to Arbor #1. The site posts and cross beam were provided by the site contractor.
Garden Arbor #1-2
Wood Arbor #1 assembly



Victoria, Minnesota (the western lake region).

Garden Arbor #1-2 show a residence flanked on the left by Prowell Garden Fence style #19, where they act as decorative screens to the front courtyard.

The Valance Panels grid layout is designed toward each application with an eye on complimenting either our accompanying gates or panel styles.

Garden Arbor #1-2
custom wood garden arbors in minnesota

Victoria, Minnesota

The site contractor here has decided to reverse the orientation of his overhead beam, with the tapered profile facing up instead of down. Was this intentional, or a mere oversight?
Garden Arbor #1-2
wood garden arbors in Minnesota

Victoria, Minnesota

Can there be anything as lovely as the first snowfall of the season in Minnesota?

Garden Arbor #1-2
wood arbor trellis #1-2 in Minnesota


    WOOD ARBOR 1-3
    Listed price for Style #1  
Shown with surfaced 6x6 gate posts (5-1/2" x 5-1/2") that were previously set to flank our gate and flanking panels.
The decision to add the arbor was made as an afterthought to the original assembly.

In this application we provide the mounting caps at the bottom of the Extension Posts, fitted with embedded threaded rod. The site contractor bores corresponding holes in the top of the site posts. The rods are set with epoxy.
Garden Arbor #1-3
Garden Arbor gate



Montclair, CA (Oakland hills)

Shown with Prowell's Gate style #29, two Flanking Wood fence Panels, and a series of path railings.

Garden Arbor #1-3
Wood gate arbor #1-3 in Oakland, CA

Montclair, CA

The arbor assembly set in place. The top caps, yet to be installed, are shipped separately and installed as the last step.
Garden Arbor #1-3
Custom wood gate arbor #1-3 by prowell



Montclair, CA (Oakland hills)

A series of Prowell's meandering Railing Panels along the hillside on the right, modified with a series of staggered metal pickets leading to the gate and arbor.
Garden Arbor #1-3
garden arbors wood in Oakland


    WOOD ARBOR 1-4
    Listed Price for Style #1  

Arbor #1-4. To be set to the top of brick columns. Hopefully we'll see site photos of this, along with the complimenting gate style #4.

Finish: WoodRX 'Cedar'

Garden Arbor #1-4
Prowell's Custom wood gate arbor #1-4


    WOOD ARBOR 1-5
    Listed Price  

Arbor #1-5. Featuring the Valance Panel as a repeating block of 3" width x 2-1/4" thickness.

Garden Arbor #1-5
custom wood arbor 1-5. Prowell




wood gates


  Garden Arbor




garden arbors
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