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An open, Craftsman-Style Driveway Gate for this circa 1919 Berkeley, CA Bungalow.
Single-Span 9' width Illustrating Prowell's Lighted Gate Column Wraps.

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This Driveway Gate Style is Base Price + 14% (as a dbl gate)
Base Price + 14% (as a single-span gate)
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ertain Driveway Gate styles, such as #18, are also available as a single-span option, extending to a maximum 12'. They are to be mounted to an exposed single-span steel frame.

wood driveway gates in Berkeley, CA


Kensington, CA

As a single-span swinging gate, we mount to an exposed, single-span steel frame. Gate specifications are covered throughout Gallery #2, but also on the Specifications page and the Base Cost page.

For more on Prowell's Lighted Columns:
Gallery 5
Specification Page
Column Cost page

custom Wod driveway gates in Berkeley



Kensington, CA

Showing the FAAC armature style motor and the exposed steel frame. Prowell Woodworks provides neither the motor or frame. We will call out the dimensions for the frame in your drawings, as well as the hinge settings, allowing your contractor to create the frame and set it to place, all before the gate arrives and is mounted onto the frame as a final step.

Various motor styles and hinge styles are also covered on the Specifications page. We default to whatever hinge type your contractor prefers, and its specified clearance.

custom wood driveway Gates in the San Francisco Bay Area


Kensington, CA

Single Span gates are priced slightly higher simply because of the sheer number of joints involved with a one-step assembly. All before the glue begins to set on the first joint.

wood driveway gates in Oakland, CA


The entry pedestrian gate accompanying this site.
Gate style #38

custom wood garden gates #38 in Berkeley




Kensington, CA

he knuckle style hinge mortised through the column and welded to the edge of the steel frame.



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