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Prowell"s Open Grid Fence #19

Available to a maximum width of 84"

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This Fence is Base Price + 8% (w/upper corner pattern)
Base Cost (w/o upper corner patterns)
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    GARDEN FENCE #19-2
      To Maximum 84" width

Victoria, MN

ood fence style #19-2 in the western lake region of Minnesota.

Full Open-Grids varying from 8" to 12" square


Shown with a 3rd-party arbor

Prowell hired a so-called photographer off Craig's List to travel up to the nether reaches of Minnesota for a few photographs. Her qualifications: She claimed to have been married to one of the original Monkeeys. Later, much later, Prowell does the math and it just doesn't add up.


In this project, neither Charles nor Ben were ever actually aware of the site application of the various panel layout. They were simply ordered as varying widths and heights by a well organized contractor.

A charter member of northern Michigan's "Club of Clones", Lance discovers how a camera can help disguise the plasticity of his own genetics.

  open grid woof fence
The entry approach, with the taller Garden Panels on the left acting as decorative screens for the semi-private sitting patio. The entry itself shows the Arbor #1, flanked on the right by the shorter Panel #19 connecting to the garage.
  garden fence in Minnesota
  garden fence with wood arbor
Showing our Garden Fencing as the three centered front decorative screens, flanked by the arbor on the right and the railings on the left. Illustrating how you need only the suggestion of privacy to create a sitting area that feels insulated from the goings on beyond. Never more true than with an open setting such as this, but not to be ignored even for those in traditional urban neighborhoods. Your patio is not your living room; it is a part of your landscape, and therefore a part of the generally exposed community, such as your neighbors. The confidence of having your tea on the patio with the subtle demarcation of a suggestive visual screen as designed in Fence style #19.
  garden fencing with arbor
The taller Garden Fencing panels along the more exposed driveway side, and the lower railing panels on the far side of the deck and porch.

Porch Railing Style #5.

Base Cost +8% (based on 36" to 42" ht)

  Two years after their initial installation, we received a dreamy image of the winter's first snowfall.
  custom fence covered in snow


      Base Price + 8% (w/upper corner pattern)
Base Cost (w/o upper corner patterns)



A Typical Fence Panel #19 with Full Open-Grids varying from 8" to 12" square.

open grid lattice fence panel

Ross, California (Marin County).

Defining the need for a Prowell's Garden Fence---We approach the property at this first inviting juncture with a hint of what lies beyond—embraced by the defining sensations of this home. An expectation is aroused, culling us into the garden and the surrounding grounds, drawn from this defining structure and its architectural hierarchy. Leading us, ultimately, to those who occupy this space, the very nature of who they are, and the courtesy of their existence. This impression can be dulled, waved off dismissively by the simple rough-hewn need to hammer out a boundary… Or, to the more acquired eye, it can be elevated to an exposure it deserves. Please… please come in. How lovely to see you again.



The resulting amendments were to help establish a proper entry. New stone steps were configured as a sweeping invitation to where two narrow flanking Fence panels introduce a long foyer of subesequent Garden Fencing.

  wood fence


Our homeowner, Mary, at the original entry steps.

  Garden Fencing


To simulate the openness of a greenhouse, the Wooden Fence panels are fitted with randomly placed glass, etched with sycamore leaves, as illustrated in the image below right.


  wood fences


Lower Fence panels feature a gabled top rail.

Showing the optional etched glass set into random grids

  custom wood fences
    Garden Fencing


Garden Gate Style #97, with etched and amber glass lite.

Base price + 30%

  wood fence design


The pool area and the succession of our Garden Fence foyer are fused, or accessible to one another, while maintaining their respective boundaries.

A dedicated pool gate, shown here left central, allows arrivals and departures without entering the primary Entrance Gate to the house.

And from the looks of our pool guest, it appears an exit is imminent.

  custom wood fences and gates in Marin County, CA


From the other end, we see the existing ivy structure at the far end of the pool, where the openings have been trimmed to help corroborate the Wood Fence grids.

  Wood Fence

    GARDEN FENCE #19-1
      Base Price (Shown without the upper corner patterns)

Seattle, WA

The Garden Fence Panel #19 with 7" grids in Seattle, WA, shown with a double Garden Gate style #96, modified with 3/4" spacing between the lower pickets.

custo wood fence




Fences, Gates, and Walls. Shiffer Publishers 2007
Click Here for the Hi-Resolution PDF download of this book, featuring this fence
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      Base Price + 8% (Shown with the upper corner patterns)

Muir Beach, CA

Prowell's Wood Fence Panel #19 in Muir Beach, CA, shown with Garden Gate Style #95

Muir Beach, located west of the more noted Muir Woods, one of only half a dozen stands of old growth redwoods left--many of which are over 2,000 years old. A property situated on the edge of the Pacific, with five separate applications throughout the lot utilizing the combination of the Fence #19 and Gate #95

If looking out from within the house, it was important that the return panel not rise high enough to obstruct the view of the sea.

The sea, as in the Pacific, with it's inimitable blueness,
Compared to the Atlantic, as gray and forboding as a Newfoundland winter.


The same photo as above, but with a little better lighting, and yet without a view of the blue blue sea.

On an organic site such as this, Prowell's Wood Fence Designs are intended to create partitions while exposing the surrounding landscape. A solid privacy Fence Design would ultimately defeat the very purpose and beauty of such a site.


The approaching entrance to the property, with two Wooden Fence Designs #19 centered by the Entry Gate #95-1.
(* Note the altered pattern of gate #95 and #95-1 )


Showing the side of the house off the kitchen, The railing on the left to protect against the sloped hillside, and the tapered panel to the right of the gate fitted to the flare of the side-wall.

Far from Manhattan, in the lost environs of Never Neverland, the forgotten recluse surfaces with a pattern of Salingeresque pursuits.




    GARDEN FENCE #19-5
      Base Price + 26%

Garden Fence #19-5 features the same corner details as the standard #19, with the addition of the two 'window' openings and the accompanying art deco details just above each window.

Slightly smaller grids of approximately 5"



Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

A pair of Fence Panels style #19-5 shown on the right, accompanied by Railing style #5 throughout the remianing deck area. Overhead, a series of arched trusses Charles and Ben included in their designs to complement the existing roofline of the sunroom and provide the new design additions with a sense of originality.


Showing the Prowell Lighted Garden Columns #8 at left rear, as well as the the corner column within the deck rails.


Much later, nearing completion.

Showing two Prowell Lighted Columns #8 partially hidden by the hedge.

Pleasant Ridge rests 9 miles north of Detroit. A small community first developed as sumptuous weekend cabins for the titans of the Gilded Age, featuring Dutch Colonials, French Tudors, Georgian Revivals, and Arts and Crafts Bungalows.




A wintry evening photo, illustrating the lighted Garden Columns #8.




Although only 9 miles north of Detroit, the unique community of Pleasant Ridge was created for weekend and summer respites when the more noted members of the Gilded Age made the trip up from the city by horse-drawn carriages.

One of several photos sent in of the existing home and landscape, seeking a solution toward creating a more insulated environment geared toward outdoor entertaining. Normally, on commissions of this sort, there are phone calls and emails, Charles or Ben mostly listening. Followed by a verbal description and explanation from Charles or Ben, accompanied by costs and timelines. Followed by an on-site carpenter or contractor providing field measurements. Followed by Prowell's dimensioned drawings and details. Followed by the homeowner's suggestions, or immediate approval. Followed by an interim of waiting in the hopper. Followed by, in this instance, reading the V.S. Naipaul novel Bend in the River together with our patron. Followed by the first cut in the shop and suddenly the fun begins, and with each posted in-progress photo, the anticipation is heightened until the day arrives when Freddie, the UPS driver, arrives to begin the journey back east. Followed by a few conversations, when necessary, with the site carpenter or contractor to answer any questions. Followed ultimately by the photos posted here for the benefit of those browsing these pages searching for ideas.





A glimpse at the process


#19-5 In-Progress

Ben, studying the perplexities of his own dimensioned drawings.


#19-5 In-Progress

Charles, creating one of the #5 Railing panels.


#19-5 In-Progress

The arched trusses, as laminations set to a clamping form.





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Garden Fence
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#19 --2004-Ruanne
#19-2--- 1118-Sondergaurd
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