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Prowell's Ranch Style Wood Fence Design #38

To a Maximum 72" width
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This Fence style is Base Price +6%
Follow the link to the Base Price Table

Garden Fence #38 is designed for the horizontally-lined, Ranch and Prairie style architecture.

Fence style #38 is identical to Fence Style #15 with the exception of the horizontal lower panels.

Fence #38 is most commonly complimented by Garden Gate #71

Shown with the pre-finished WoodRX Teak

wood fence

Garden Fence #38 in Greenbrea, CA (Marin County).

Pre-finish in WoodRX Teak


Our homeowner peeking, discovering the opposite face of the panels is identical to that facing the deck.

  custom wood fence




  horizontal wood fence design

Shown with the Garden Gate #71

Gate designs with open grids are often required to mount a dead bolt below the latch, instead of the more normal setting at 5-1/2" above the latch. This is simply to prevent anyone from reaching through the upper open layout and releasing the dead bolt.


Most commonly associated with fence #38 is Prowell's Garden Gate Style #71.
Base Cost + 8%
RX Shown with WoodRX finish--Natural

  custom wood gate #71


    Base Cost +8%

The lower mud-rail was added by the installer on site to compensate for a sloping grade.

wood fences



Shown with Driveway Gate Style #11



    Base Cost +12%
Gate style #71-1 is Base Cost +12%

Fence Style #38-1 on the right features the slight modifications of wider horizontal rails to match the rail widths of gate 71-1. This is most commonly utilized when there is a gate flanked on either side by a pair of panels instead of an extended fence-line.

garden gate and fence gate panel


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