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Prowell's Garden Gate #10
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This Garden Gate is Base Price + 28%
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    GARDEN GATE #10-6
      Base Price + 12%

Southhampton, New York

Garden Gate style #10-6 with upper pattern and lower solid panel.

Rocky Mountain latch E304



    GARDEN GATE #10-6
      Base Price + 28%

wood gates
San Diego, CA

Prowell's signature Gate Design--style #10, with the accompanying Cedar Arbor #1 in San Diego, California.
Upper and lower patterns.
Variations on a theme of interwoven flush grid patterns drawn largely from the Prowell's Decorative Fence Panels shown at the bottom of the page.

wood harden gates #10. San Diego. prowell


Gigi and Adlai Means have dinner in, situated before the telly and bent over the coffee table in their robes and house slippers. It's Oscars night and dizzying images on the telly of stars and celebrities in gowns and tuxes posing for paparazzi and Gigi muses, aloud:

--"They live such exciting lives."

--"Let's have a party," Adlai says, unable to stand her long face. "We'll invite everyone."

--"A dressy party," Gigi says. "Satins and silks and feminine manes."

--"Topcoats and vests and walking canes." --"A garden party, and dinner for eight." --A moonlight party, within the gate."

--"For our guests of eight." --"On the terrace inside the gate."

--"I'll call everyone." --"All eight."

--"We'll build a new wall, with a skillful trowel."

--"To flatter our new Gate . . . by the masterful Prowell."

unique wood gates



Joinery. The systemic methodologies developed with the original Prowell Garden Gate and spread to a panoply of products.

wood grid garden gates #10


    GARDEN GATE #10-1
      Base Price + 28%

Claremont, CA

Another example of the #10 Gate Design near Pasadena, California.

Showing flanking Pony Panels #2 and Rocky Mountain Gate Latch E304

wood grid gate #10. Pasadena, CA. prowell


    GARDEN GATE #10-2
      Base Price + 28%

Indianapolis, Indiana

Here the unique garden gate #10 in Indiana. Creating the defining architectural detail.

custom wood garden gate #120-2. Indiana. prowell


    GARDEN GATE #10-5
      Base Price + 28%/each


#10-5 as a pair of double Wood Pool Gates in Far Hills, New Jersey.

unique wood gates in New jersey



Far Hills, New Jersey

Most local codes require Pool Gates to open out, away from the pool. Because they must also be self-closing, and be equipped with a lockable devise beyond the latch itself. This devise is commonly required at a height above 48" and out of reach of children. It is either a keyed dead bolt with a thumb turn on the inside, or as shown below with the Magna Latch Top-Pull Safety Latch. Read about this latch, and more regarding Pool Gate Codes by Clicking Here

Finish applied by homeowners.

custom wood garden gates #10-5 in New jersey


Far Hills, New Jersey

Below left:
#10-5 jambs showing us that when the columns are an irregular stone cladding, the Prowell jambs are mounted directly to the block core and the stone then set to the jambs. This requires a measurement from the block core to the proudest, or deepest stone. Prowell will provide jambs that are that dimension, plus 1/2" to clear any stone for an easy unobstructed swing. The installer or stone masons will set a temporary or mock jamb to their block core, allowing them to continue with the construction while the gates are in production.

Below right: a better photo of a Prowell jamb set to an irregular stone column. The jamb is shown wrapped with a weatherizing tape.

See Product Specifications for more information on jambs and irregular stone columns

wood garden gates #10-5 in Rockoff, NJ
embedded jambs for gates with columns


    GARDEN GATE #10-3
      Base + 12%

Claremont, CA

Another of the Wood Gate Designs for the same commission as #10-1. Similar in it's upper grid layout, but with a lower solid panel shown here.
beautiful custom wood gates




Claremont, CA

The Grid-Weave Fence Panels in Claremont, CA were developed specifically to compliment the Garden Gate #10. But also to hold their own against the sheer muscle of repeating stone columns.

To Fence style #24
Decorative wood fence in Pasadena, by Prowell


Claremont, CA

Visiting this site 12 years later.

custom wood gate #10 in Claremont, CA




      Base + 45%

Our unique wood gate #10-Weave with a proposed layout that has yet to be built.




Look, don't be naive. Evil exists. Currently there are reports circulating of a band of terrorists combing our decent cities in search of, well . . . gates. Yes, gates. While you eat dinner and while you are combing your hair and yes, while you are flossing your teeth, your joint is being cased by professional thugs. Their plan? To steal your gate. To add your gate to a growing, sizable collection of gates stashed somewhere in the Allegheny wilderness. Why? Well, they are thugs, yes, but not stupid. They are sitting on their collection, waiting patiently, and as each day passes and the value of their stolen Prowell gates grow exponentially, they make lists of the commodities only money can buy: chaps, masks, gloves, goggles, matches, bug repellent . . .

So keep a watchful eye. It's your gate, not theirs.

GI Joes stealing gates




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