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Prowell's Wood Garden Gates #202

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A Confluence of swooping trusses and arcing grids.

Unique garden gates



There is no 'patterned ' radius. Every arch in this Contemporary Wood Gate is distinct. Inviting the sort of repeated scrutiny more commensurate with a painting than a Wood Gate.




The lower section of the Gates has wenge pickets with black acrylic rods.

Innovative  garden gates



The embedded wenge beading is featured on the solid panel inserts of the Gate Design.




Charles' vast collection of operatic LP's and the defense of these against a current of late night thieves . . .
Fabulous Wood Garden Gate




Petaluma, CA
The only site photo we have for Garden Gate #202. Which illustrates just how important it is for those of you who have installed our gates to send back hi resolution photos. Of the products, but more importantly, photos showing the products in their surrounding settings.

Here it appears our homeowners have mounted the gates backwards; they were designed such that the wenge beading in the solid panels, as well as the square wenge pins were to be exposed to the street.

cusrtom wood garden gate #202 in Petaluma, CA. Prowell


Feb-March 2008

  Unique Wood Gates ##202-Progress  

Ben scribing what will become the secondary truss.



  Unique Wood Gates ##202-Progress  

Charles mimicking the swooshing confluence, or perhaps the One-ness of a Tai Chi master.

  How to design a wood gate
  Unique Wood Gates ##202-Progress  

Within the solid panels, a pattern of wenge beading inlays. Shown here is the simple technique for routing the pockets.

  Unique Wood Gates ##202-Progress  

Milling up beaded inlay strips of Wenge.

  Unique Wood Gates ##202-Progress  

Setting the wenge beading in place.

  Charles prowell building a garden gate 202
  Unique Wood Gates ##202-Progress  

The painstaking Zen-ness of fitting the puzzle laid out on the benchtop, to what Charles sees in his head. If we were to weigh and balance the two concurrent levels of thought at this juncture--the thought given over to technique, and the other brain given wholly over to conceptualizing the unseen possibilities, the scale would be parallel. You cannot visualize in your head the possibilities without simultaneously considering the techniques required to carry out that vision. There is a genre of designers who have no apprenticeship or experience within the bowels of their trade. The technique. The workmanship. They exist aloof from the pedestrian restraints of our culture's high-minded attitude against labor. In this hierarchy, this legacy to capitalism, there are the Makers, and the agents linked to those Makers. The literary agents who represent the writers; the real estate agents who represent the builders, and so on. It's everyone's choice where they can best serve their strengths: The origin, as in the product itself, or the vehicle that brings the product to a monetary fruition. One wears town clothes. The other wears work clothes.

  Unique Wood Gates ##202-Progress  

The upper grid layout dry-fitted. The small blocks are joined with 1/4" cedar dowels.




  Unique Wood Gates ##202-Progress  

  charles prowell in the woodshop with gate #202


wood gates
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