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Prowell's Garden Gate #96

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Point Mendocino, CA

The original Garden Gate #96 on a perfectly lovely landscape and residence, overlooking the coastline at Point Mendocino in Northern California.

Our purpose here is not to provide a pair of wood gates that upstage the surrounding landscape and residence, but, moreover, a design whose subtle beauty is inherent to the setting.



The schematic of a tightly created landscape of native grasses and plants, pitched against the open expanse of the Pacific. Linking one to the other are the centerpiece garden gates.


Odd, in that the site is relatively close to the Prowell shop (3-1/2 hrs north), and one of the more unique and intriguing gardens within the entire corpus of the landscapes Prowell has been involved with. And yet it might as well be Maine.


Here we see the service entry as a side access to the kitchen.



A single garden gate on the south side of the property, flanked by the same continuous hedge.

And for those wondering why this blissful corner of the universe is not more populated than it is: Note the sky--a pale sky dulled by the interminable fog. And wind. And mist. And cold. To leave the Prowell shop for a Sunday drive along this coastline is to be prepared for an 80% chance of never glimpsing the sun.



The sublime lower commons, with wine cellar doors in the distance

Wooden Gates

And finally, the house itself.
Note the putting green.



    Why is it, after all these years, that a simple comment from an admiring customer can still have its affect. Upon completion of this project, the general contractor forwarded over a note sent to him by the homeowner with whom we had not met nor had contact with during the course of the commission:
"Incredible . . . wouldn't it be wonderful if the professional world was populated with c. prowells . . ."


    GARDEN GATE #96-2
      Base Price + 13%
Featuring 5 grid columns per row.

Illustrating #96 at only 36" height. Showing a grid pattern of five across instead of three. The added grids horizontally gives us smaller grid sizes, which in turn translates into a higher middle gate rail. A necessity here, on such a short gate, lest the grids dominate the proportions.

  Wooden Gate

  garden gates in conneticut

Our Garden Gates are flanked by a low meandering dry-stack wall, distinguishing the site from the bucolic waterway and the rural environment outside Stamford, CT


We'll go ahead and include the view that exposes our patron's residence and after having considered the view of the above photo, we understand why this back face of the architecture is defined by so much glass, overlooking our lovely diminutive Garden Fence Gates and beyond to Long Island Sound.

Note, with existing irregular stone columns or walls, it can often be better to increase our normal jambs of 1-1/2" thickness to full surfaced 4x4's.

  Custom Garden Gate


    GARDEN GATE #96-5
      Base Price + 13%

Garden Gate #96-5 in Atlanta, Georgia---within the environment of stone.
garden gates with stone walls in Atlanta, GA

A landscape almost dominated by stone walls that is quieted, or perhaps endeared, by the introduction of the workmanship and subtle design offered by these small garden gates. In a year or so, when the planting schedule matures, the entire landscape will appear more inviting.

Shown with the Rocky Mountain Hardware Gate Latch #414

wood garden gates in Atlanta, Georgia

The residence, with the terraced stone wall garden in the rear.

A recognizable hint of Atlanta's late 20th century with the revisted antibellum architecture.



    GARDEN GATE #96-3
      Base Price + 13%

A Seattle, Washington residence showing the Garden Gate #96 with the lower pickets at a closer 3/4" spacing instead of the standard 1-1/2".

Note the subtle alignment of the fence panel horizontal grid divider to the gate's horizontal grid divider.

Also shown with Fence Panel style #19.

wood garden gate in Seattle

Another entry into the same courtyard, showing the #96, as a double Entry Gate flanked by modified Fence style #2, with the pickets on both the gates and panels set at the more narrow 3/4" spacing. An ideal way to maintain a modicum of privacy while not resorting to the aesthetics of a solid barrier fence. At 3/4" spacing, the viewer, at 6' distance, must stand within five degrees of dead center to see through the spacing. At greater distances, the visibility closes even more so.


custom wood gates in Seattle


    GARDEN GATE #96-4
      Base Price + 8%

Double wood gates, overlooking the wintry landscape of a Seattle, Washington winter.

garden Gates

Looking from the other direction.



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