n Consideration of the 60"+_ Rough Opening for your Garden Gate



It is rare that anyone passes through a door that is less than 32" width. Only closet doors and pantry doors meet this criteria, and as a result, creating a gate at such a narrow opening will find your visitors passing through with shoulders turned--an unaware reaction to having so seldom confronted any openings or doorways less than 32".

For this reason, and because many landscaped walkways and paths default to 60" width, we offer this page to illustrate a few options available beyond that of a double gate with two equal 30" single gates and folks shuffling along sideways as if they were shadows.

Option #B:  
A single span gate.

Although Prowell offers single gates up to 72" width (without steel frames), the truth is that fewer folks are accustomed to negotiating a 72" wide gate than they are a 32" wide gate. A cumbersome width that becomes considerably less so at 60". The gate itself opens and closes with the same ease and action as the ball-bearing hinges they are hinged on.

And yet a 60" wide gate is expensive, as well as presenting a more muscular aesthetic that may, or may not, be corroborated by the surrounding landscape and architecture.


Option #B:
Double Off-Set Gates.

Double gates have the conceded advantage of a greater opening available, when needed. Such as bringing out the trash or driving the mower from the back to the front yard. But for the vast majority of time, passage through double gates occurs through only one of the two double gates. The right gate--if approaching from the street, simply because most of us are right-handed and the ergonomics works better when reaching with our right hand for the latch on the left side of the gate-- or residential door.

If only one gate is negotiated 95% of the time, then the principle of an off-set makes sense. If the overall opening is, say, 60" +_, the left, or fixed gate might be at 18" width and the right, operable gate at a comfortable 42.

And yet by the nature of the division, many of the 130+ gate designs by Prowell require special consideration when confronted with an off-set option. Certain design details and grids, etc simply lend themselves to the off-set better than others.


Option #C:
Single gate flanked by two Fence Panels.

This option offers some pleasing results to a large number of landscaping dilemmas. It can help to create a focal point delineating the entry as a more unmistakable point of entry, while side-stepping the more muscular, or authoritative look of a single 60" gate or what can often be a confusing miasma of double off-set gates.

It does, however, require two additional posts. And as can be seen in the images below, these are, whenever possible, surfaced 4x4's instead of the greater girth of 6x6 posts.

wood gates

In the images below, you may also want to take note of the walkway--it's width and where the gate posts are in relation to the walkway. Sometimes the posts are outside the walk, sometimes within the walk, and at other times they have been cut into the walk to where their outside edges are flush with the outside of the walk.

Wide Single-Span Gates at 60" +_



60" wide Single gate style #20-4 in Orinda, CA




Single span 60" garden gate style #41-2 in Point Richmond, CA

  \wide wood gates bamboo wood gate

Double Off-Set Gates


Double Off-Set Gate style #53-5 in Kailua, Hawaii. With a walkway at 67-1/2" width. Against the stone wall on the right, a jamb was mounted directly to the block core. The jamb thickness equals the distance from the block core to the outermost stone, plus 1/2" for swing clearance to clear the stone. To the jamb the post is lagged, eliminating the need to set this post through the existing walk surface and into the ground.
Shown with matching fence style #22

Double Off-Set Gates


Gate style #17

Double Off-Set as Gate style #17 in Marin County, CA



Gate style #4

Double Off-Set Wood Gate Style #4 in Belvedere, CA

  \double gates in m arin county
Double Off-Set Gates


Gate style #7-14

Double Off-set as Gate style #7-6 in Santa Monica, CA



Gate style #113-1

Double Off-Set as Gate style #113-1c in Olympia, WA

  double wood gates in santa monica, ca double off-set gates
Double Off-Set Gates


Gate style #5-1

Double Off-Set #5-1 in Kirkland, WA



Gate style #5-7

Double Off-Set #5-7 in Oakland, CA


Double Off-Set Gates


Gate style #28-4

A Double Off-set #28-4 in San Clemente, CA without the continuous top arch. The right gate appears as a flanking fence panel, but is in fact a gate


Double Off-Set Gates


The three hardware requirements for double, or double-off-set gates

Gate latches
Gate stop
Cane bolts

Shown approaching the gate from the property side (Facing the street). From the street, the gate swings in toward the property.



Gate style #38

A 65" rough opening between posts, with a combination of the operable gate on the right at 42" and the smaller fixed left gate at 22".


Double Off-Set Gates


Gate style #20





Single Gate with Narrow Flanking Panels
Entry Gates style #29-1 and flanking panels
Houston, Texas Woodland Housing Park
Gate Style #32 in Ross, CA, with Flanking Panels
  \wood double gates

Single Gate with Narrow Flanking Panels

Gate Style #7-14 in the Houston, Texas


Gates style #60-1 with matching grid flanking panels.


wood gate with flanking panels

grid gates and fence panels

There are many more examples of all three options scattered throughout the four galleries 1-1C


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