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Prowell's Signature Wood Fence Panel Designs

rowell's Wood Fence Panel Designs presented on the following pages, developed by Prowell Woodworks in the early 90's, immediately established a new benchmark of both design and structural integrity to a long ignored genre. Originally designed to complement Prowell's Garden Gate, they are commonly seen as panels flanking the Gate, with aligned


rails and matching layout. As well as along a featured portion of the perimeter garden fence deserving greater visibility.

While also opted to extend for entire fence-lines.

As illustrated within the Gallery, our Wood Fence Panels, Wood Trellises Panels, and Porch and Deck Railing Panels can at once establish the architectural precedent of a home's identity.

While offering flexibility in designs and dimensions, the Prowell fence panels are built for maximum durability and ease of installation. Every Fence Panel is constructed with tenons, dadoes, and high-strength adhesives.

The maximum width per Fence Panel is generally 5-ft. Certain open grid styles extend to 7-ft. Panel prices do not include posts, post caps, or installation (Step-by-step installation methods are provided).

For 44 years, Prowell Woodworks has been committed to the development of new and innovative products. To the art of American craftsmanship and the accountability of one pair of hands, start to finish.


In the following Gallery of Wood Fence Designs, above the first image of each page, you will find a link to the self-service Fence Price Table. Depending on the complexity of the design, each style is calculated to a percentage of this Base Price Table.

In addition, specifications and general information can viewed by scrolling l below the Price Table, as well as the Product Specifications page linked at the top of the left margins of this page.




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The Prowell Signature Custom Wood Fence Panels are a benchmark of design and structural integrity. You are one click away from the original, all-joinery Modular Wood Fence Panel

* 28 Wood Fence Panel Designs
* The Wood Wall-Top Fence 'Pony Panel'
* The Wood Trellis Panel
* The Wood Porch and Deck Railing Panels

Available in Western Red Cedar only

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