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#1: 12' or less Overall Width

#2: 12'- 16' Overall (Steel Frame)

#3: 12'- 14' Overall (Embedded Steel)

#4: Single Span Sliding Gate

#5: Mounting to Prowell's Gate Columns






Listed below are the various applications for Prowell's signature Driveway Gates. Within gallery 2, each gate style shows a percentage above or below the Base Cost, depending on the complexity of the design. Add or subtract that percentage from the prices shown below.

  Overall Widths  
Up to 6' Ht at spring-point
To 7' Ht at spring-point
  Up to 12-ft overall width
  Single span gate up to 12' overall
call for pricing
call for pricing




* Western Red Cedar. 2-1/4" thickness
* Minimum 60" height
* Do not forget to add or subtract any percentage assigned to the various gate styles.
* Includes: 4" Bronze Heavy-Duty Extruded Ball-Bearing Butt Hinges (where applicable)
* Pricing applies to both the trade and consumers.
*All Garden Gate styles in Galleries #1-!C are available as Driveway Gates.
* Design your own gate. Borrows and mix-match from one gate style to another.


Our most popular Driveway Gate Assembly, Option #1 is defined by a 2-1/4" thick gate with our Joint #9--the Through-Mortise & Tenon with Spreading Wedges and Locking Pins. An overall rough opening width between posts or columns that is 12' or less and a minimum height requirement of 60". These gates mount in the same simple procedure as the pedestrian gates, to either 6x6 wood posts, or when mounting to stucco or masonry columns, the gates are accompanied with a pair of jambs mounting to the block core of your column.

* Prowell Woodworks does not supply automation. For automated gates, we suggest the armature style motors that mount on one end directly to the posts/columns, and the other end bolting to the bottom horizontal rails of the gates. It mounts as the final step in the installation of the gates. Consult with your automation contractor for their preferred manufacturer and visit our Product Specification for further information on motors and automation.

* The maximum width span of any single gate leaf w/o steel reinforcement is 72".
-------* The following gate styles can extend to a maximum 12' as a single span gate mounted to an exposed steel frame:
------ #9, #12, #16, #18, #20, #28. The below base cost does not include steel frame.
* Gate stiles and rails are 2-1/4" thickness.
* Prowell Woodworks supplies your Wood Gate only. Built to your specified site dimensions.
* Spring-Point: Referring to gates with arched top rails. The upper right and left shoulders of the gate where the arch begins.
* Option #1 Driveway Gates weigh approximately 150 lbs per leaf.
* Clear, dry, vertical-grain western cedar w/nine growth rings or more per inch
* Mounting Options:
--------- A) From surfaced 6x6 wood posts
--------- B) From new or existing masonry columns (requiring embedded wood jambs)
--------- C) From Steel posts
* Options A & B include bronze 4" ball-bearing butt hinges. To be surface-mounted on gate and posts.
* There has never been a known application of a Prowell Driveway Gate that sagged.
* More information can be found within the Product Specifications.



  Overall Widths  
Up to 6' Ht at spring-point
To 7' Ht at spring-point
  From 12' to 14' overall
  Beyond 14'
Please inquire
Please Inquire




* Western Red Cedar. 1-5/8"-1-3/4" thickness.
* Do not forget to add or subtract any percentage assigned to the various gate styles.
* Does not include steel frame.
* Pricing applies to both the trade and consumers.

Option #2 is defined by 1-1/2" thick wood gates that are surface-mounted to an exposed steel frame fabricated by the either Prowell or, more commonly, by your site contractor, who often prefers to fabricate the frames themselves so they can weld their hinges and mount the frame in place, all prior to the wood gates' arrive. The steel frame is fabricated as per the dimensions called out in the Prowell Drawings, insuring that it aligns to the wood stiles and rails. The preference for hinge systems belongs to the site contractor, relaying this information to Prowell and specifying required hinge clearance, which in turn dictates the net width of each gate leaf.

* Prowell Woodworks does not supply automation. Recommended pad-mounted motors can be considered within the Product Specifications.
* When mounted to their steel frames, Option #2 Gates can weight up to 250 lbs per leaf.
* Mounting Options:
---------A) 6x6 steel posts set 48" below grade
---------B) New masonry/stone columns with a steel post core and fitted with steel T-Bar extensions
---------C) Existing masonry/stone columns if they are deemed structurally sound by your contractor, or can be retrofitted with steel posts
---------D) To Prowell Lighted or Unlighted Gate Columns that wrap the steel posts of option 'A' above.



  Overall Widths  
Up to 6' Ht at spring-point
To 7' Ht
  From 12' to 14' overall
  Beyond 14' overall
please inquire
please inquire




* Western Red Cedar. 3" thickness
* Includesemb edded steel a
* Do not forget to add or subtract any percentage assigned to the various gate styles.

Option #3 is defined by an unseen steel frame embedded within the connstruction of the wood gates.

* Gate thickness: 3"
* Requires6" steel posts or masonry columns with a 6" steel core.
* Pricing applies to both trade and consumers.
* Exposed steel plates provides at locations specified by the site contractor for the hinge welding.
* Option #3 gates can weight approximately 300 lbs per gate.
* Option #3 gates require twice the wood, twice the joinery, and matching dado pockets to accept the steel.
* Option #3 gates commonly utilize the In-Ground automation motors. See Driveway Gate Specifications



  Overall Widths  
Up to 6' Ht at spring-point
To 7' Ht
  Up to 12' overall
  Up to 14' overall
please inquire
please inquire
  Beyond 14' overall
Please Inquire
Please Inquire




* Western Red Cedar. 1-5/8"-1-3/4" thickness
* Does not include steel frame.
* Do not forget to add or subtract any percentage assigned to the various gate styles.


Option #4 Driveway Gates are defined by a pair of wood gate leafs that mount to a single-span steel frame sliding on a V- track parallel to the gate opening. The steel frame is fabricated to the dimensional specifications called out on Prowell's provided drawings to insure the frame and the gate are aligned properly. The posting can be 6x6 wood posts or masonry columns, as neither actually bear the load of the gate itself.

* Gate thickness is 1-1/2"
* Prowell Woodworks does not supply automation. Recommended pad-mounted motors can be considered within the Product Specifications.
* Single span wood gates are optionally available, depending on the design. the vast majority of Sliding Gate openings are fitted with two gate leafs onto a singe-span frame.
* On site tracks and motors are provided by site contractors.
* Visit the Product Specifications for photos and specs of various roller alignment options
* Gates normally extend approximately 2-3" beyond the posts or columns to accommodate rollers and tracks.
* Sliding gates roll behind the entry posts or columns.




GARDEN COLUMNS (#2-#201). 4-Sided open grids
  10-1/8" x 10-1/8" to 60" max ht
  12" x 12" to 72" max ht
  10-1/8" x 10-1/8" to 36" max ht
GATE COLUMNS (2-Sided open grids)    
  10-1/8" x 10-1/8" to 84" max ht



  * Garden Columns with upper grid pattern on all four column faces.
* Gate Columns with upper grid pattern on two sides only.
* Includes styles #2-#12
* Small Garden Columns, such as #14 and #16, are commonly applied to the garden, wall-top settings, or atop mailbox pilasters
* LED All-Weather, lighting fixture. Low voltage with in-house transformer.

Option #5 is defined by those Driveway Gates that are shouldered by Prowell's lighted or un-lighted Gate Columns. The purpose in developing these columns is to provide a more pleasing alternative to mounting the driveway gates to exposed steel posts, or even wood posts. They also provide an opportunity to corroborate the design and style of the driveway gates with the columns as a complimenting assembly.

* Columns can be viewed on Gallery 5
* The pattern of the upper grid section of the columns can be modified to compliment the pattern of the Driveway Gate.
* The columns fit over steel or wood posts. Standard column specs are 10-1/8" sq.
* Columns are two-sided grids and pickets, with the other two sides as solid. They arrive with one removable side to allow the Column to slip around the site posts, furred for a snug fit to any post dimension.
* When using 6x6 steel posts to hinge your gates, the Gate Columns are mortised to accept the welded arm drawn off the steel post, and slip over the post as 3-sided assemblies, with the fourth side applied on site.
* When using 6x6 wood posts, the same procedure as above is followed, with the exception that the hinges are standard 4" ball-bearing butt hinges and hinge directly to the Gate Column.
* Gate Columns net clearances. Post to post rough openings and column-to-column rough openings
---------A) 6" x 6" steel posts: Column-to-column is 2-1/16" less than post-to-post
---------B) 4" steel posts: Column-to-column is 3-1/16" less than post-to-post
---------C) 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" wood posts: Column-to-column is 2-5/16" less than post-to-post




All commissions include, upon receipt of advance payment, a posting of statements, drawings, site photos (when applicable) and any data that might simplify communications. This site is available normally within a few days of payment and remains active for the duration of the project. Upon receipt of an email linking you to your site, it is necessary to review and approve the data before work can begin.* CANCELLATIONS: Because our products are custom made, a 25% fee is withheld for cancellations(not to exceed $1000), or requests for a refund of the advance payment prior to approval of drawings. There are no refunds once the drawings have been approved



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