Driveway Gates
Gallery #2 Driveway Gates

When originally introduced in 1997, Prowell’s wood driveway gates represented a shocking departure to a generations-old methodology. An entirely new approach to both structure and design. It is no longer so new. Copied, mimicked, and bumbled, the fine-tuning and perpetual improvements of one of Prowell’s signature products has insured its place for generations to come.

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Available in Western Red Cedar only.

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Driveway Gates

Custom Wood Driveway Gates by Prowell

Existentially, the custom wood driveway gates wood, and its associated comrade, the equally functional fence, serve as demarcations between us, and them. Them being everyone but us. Us being the center of the universe. It exists as a continuation of the perimeter fence in an operable context, it swings or slides, and like the statement of a pedestrian gate within that same fence line, it establishes an opportunity to define, or corroborate, the aesthetic identity of where we live. Like the thoughtful contribution of accessorizing what we wear with the accent of shoes and belts and scarves and jewelry.

Accessories that server a purpose, the shoes lest we’re denied a barefooted entry to our favorite eatery, the belt as a preventative measure against our trousers and skirts gathering at our ankles. The jewelry as the most personable expression of taste and decorum, the Scarf . . . once a hedge against winter eddies has graduated to what is often targeted as the deciding culprit of an overly-accessorized ensemble.

Which brings us to the harmless oversight, or undersight, or sightless delusion of accessorizing toward a sense of identity that can potentially be at odds with reality. The reality of who we really are. An image of ourselves through a collection of scarves before the mirror and with each selection we re-assess the impact on our identity befitting the changing moods of a given day with the flexibility of an adaption that only lasts for the duration of an outing or perhaps the entire day.

Ben and Charles have their foul weather scarves, lovingly knitted by thoughtful relatives in the muted colors and patterns suitable for any given mood, so they do understand the undulating crests and holidays of one day’s mood from another and for that reason, their custom wood driveway gates are designed to run the gamut from conservative to eclectic. From tame to eccentric. Basically, something for everyone, and for everyone something to help express, even showcase, who they are or who they’d like to be or, with the given aesthetic of a particular design, who they hope to be.

Meanwhile, the Hallmarkish rhetoric below, penned by the once obscure Adlai Means who was hired by Prowell Woodworks to write copy on the strength of a resume with a ten-year gap preceded by a short tenure writing greeting cards for Hallmark.

Take it, Adlai…
Prowell Woodworks signature wood driveway gates presented throughout Gallery #2 will appear as a departure from the more common entry gates most of you associate with this genre. Almost from the moment Prowell turned his attention in 1997 to this long neglected feature, the bar was raised to a new standard. No Longer was it a choice between the limitations of the wrought iron security gate, with its cold indifference to the surrounding landscape and architecture, but suddenly an opportunity to showcase the inherent warmth of your property as a front and center feature.

Constructed with a series of interlocking mortise-and-tenon joints, the gates will never sag and will ostensibly last forever, barring the direct impact of the errant front bumper.

Often, and given the its prominent settings, the more telling architectural precedents of a residence will find their way into the gate design. Perhaps there is a distinction to the front windows and the pattern of their dividers, or a defining detail to the porch railing. Although given the advantage of being the first and most prominent impression, the goal is not to design a driveway gate that upstages the integrity of your residence and landscape. The goal is to allow our custom wood driveway gates to appear as a corroborating element.

There are innumerable choices and options regarding driveway gates that mount to masonry columns, stone, and stucco, as well as the various hinge systems preferred by your installer, and not to overlook the choices for automation motors and their accompanying communications call-boxes and keypads. Although Prowell does not provide automation, we discuss in depth the leading options with accompanying photos on the specifications page linked on the left column and furthermore . . .

Adlai Means
Chief Assistant Linguist

“Mr. Means, you’ve left the sentence dangling. The last sentence, it dangles.”
” . . . ”
“Mr Means? Yer dangling.”
“Yes…dangling. Dangee-doo.”