Are you Number 6? or are we already on Number 7?

* I have no idea.

Well, either way. The answer is Yes. Any 3rd-party timer can easily be installed within the column or any central location to activate multiple columns. If within the column, your access to it becomes cumbersome, as you must remove the cap, remove the light fixture and it’s supporting shelf, to gain access. So it really is far more prudent to simply mount the timer near the bottom of the Column, where it is more or less unnoticed, but accessible.   Or anywhere along the power source line.

The fixtures themselves are Low voltage LED.  If you have low-voltage (12V) to the site, no transformers are necessary. If you have 120V to the site, we provide a transformer within the column. We’ll ask you, with your order, if you have 12V or 120V to the site.