Not really. Western cedar is blessed with inherent properties that are resistant to bacteria. The finishing industry will of course have you thinking otherwise, but in truth a finish or seal will not prolong the life of your fence one day. This of course is also due to the grade of western cedar. It should be noted that Prowell specs their grade from a mill to deliver clear, kiln-dried, vertical-grain, western cedar with a minimum of 20 growth rings per inch, which insures its maturity prior to harvest. It should also be noted that this is discussed in great, and riveting, detail on A Word About Wood. Seriously, it makes for good reading.

Having said all that, we offer the option of a penetrating pre-finish. Two sprayed coats of WoodRX within a pallet of earth tones with a lifeline of 7-8 years. Fully water repellent (you can wipe fingerprints off the gates), with no chance of peeling or cracking. While allowing the cedar to breath from season to season without the constraints of a layered less-flexible finish. Unlike paint, solid-body stains, or sealant finishes with top coat lusters that will peel and crack if neglected, WoodRX will simply fade away and can be re-finished at any time. By far the best exterior finish on the market.
See Pre-Finish Options.