From both a designer’s point of view as well as that of social protocols, privacy fences are uneventful and unneighborly. California is the ultimate culprit in this regard–they love their solid dog-eared fences closing off tiny little front yards in neighborhoods of tiny little lots, which makes these tiny lots seems even tinier.

If you consider a part of the country known for it’s sense of historical community, as in Vermont and New England, you will see almost no front fences and very very few backyard fences. Fences are barriers;  they distract and segregate.  And yet, being in the fence business, it is understood that certain fences, of inordinate beauty, can overcome this dictum.  Designing a solid privacy fence of inordinate beauty is a tall task.  And yet there are obviously extenuating situations that require and request solid panel fences. The proximity to high-trafficked streets, for one, where you may have an issue regarding the safety of your children, or the sound levels that prevent normal conversations in your front yard. We offer only a few solid panel styles . . . and yet we often accompany the dozen or so solid privacy gate styles with matching fence panels. We will also commonly reduce the normal 1-1/2″ spacing between the upper pickets down to 3/4″ to provide more privacy while maintaining the aesthetics.  If you prefer a solid Privacy Fence, we will make it for you and it will be a work worthy of the kudos and comments of your neighbors that otherwise never reach your own ears simply because your neighbors do not have access to you. You have distanced yourself from them with the erection of a solid barrier fence.