As of 2010, we have returned to offering a range of penetrating finishes with the development of a non-solvent product from Inseco. Following several years of our own field tests in every climate, this product alone meets our requirements for a finish option that surpasses all other exterior finishes on the market. Professionally sprayed and back-brushed by our talented and knowledgeable Jorge Palacido and his crew. These options can be reviewed on the Pre-Finish Options page.

The cedar is born with a genetic code developed over a millennium in the temperate climate of British Columbia. It is logged and milled in the Pacific Northwest–more or less the same climate. It is shipped to the somewhat similar climate of the Prowell shop in northern California, where it remains housed under a roof as inventory. Eventually it leaves the shop and is delivered or shipped to be installed and exposed to the full exposure of a regional climate that is often vastly different. Consequently, during the first few weeks of this acclimation, the cedar breaths at a greater degree than before or after this initial exposure. As it expands and contracts, absorbing stains go along for the ride without consequence. Paints and any finishes that are not ‘absorbing finishes’ tend to be less willing to stretch with the same pliability as the cedar and often, in a percentage of cases, will crack or bubble in protest.

The cedar will breath less so following this period of acclimation that lasts anywhere from 10 days in temperate climates to 3 weeks in areas of high humidity, where the heat and rainfall present a more dramatic change.

It is therefore important, for those wishing a painted finish, or a semi-solid or solid-body finish, or any finish requiring a 2nd sealer coat, to wait 3 weeks, while bearing in mind that our products cannot be compared to a front door, or a garage door, or the siding fixed to the side of your house. All of which are insulated on one face, and covered by overhead structures. The gates and fences, etc are all fully exposed to the weather and are more accepting to absorbing finishes than bodied finishes.

Once again, more on this by visiting the Pre-Finish Options page.