For overall widths less than 12′, you can use 6×6 wood posts, steel posts, or masonry columns, to which we provide wood jambs. Our 4.5″ ball-bearing butt hinge with 2-¼” hinge screws is sufficient. For more on setting wood posts, it is important to visit Setting you Posts.

For widths over 12′, you will need to use either steel 6×6 posts or masonry column embedded with a core steel post. This is because you will need a steel frame and the added weight requires the additional support. The vast majority of masonry or stone columns have a 6×6 hollow steel-post core, clad with cinder block and ultimately stucco, or stone. Steel T-Bars are welded to the steel post core that extend out beyond the stucco or stone face and are what welds to the steel frame of the gates, along with the preferred hinge system of your contractor.

Often, our Gate Column Wrap is introduced to bring the entire assembly together as a single aesthetic consideration. These are essentially post wraps that enhance the look of wood posts or steel posts, with the column construction complimenting that of the gate. These are lighted or unlighted. These reduce your overall opening width, by approximately 2-3/16″ from each post. The columns are designed to allow seasonal breathing, whereas conventional wraps of 1x tend to experience checking and cracking once the wood attempts to breath with the seasons.