Most of our Arbor assemblies are designed to ‘seat’ themselves onto the tops of columns or your wood posts.  They arrive with mounting caps fixed to the bottom of the arbor legs, whether it is a 2-post or 4-post arbor.  The mounting cap simply fits over the end of your post.  They are also fitted with either threaded rods inserted into the bottom of the arbor legs, or with pre-bored holes at the top ad accompanied with mounting lags through the arbor and into the posts.  For threaded rod mounts, a corresponding bore must be made into the top of the post.  The threaded rod provides added support for those assemblies that require it.

The same procedure applies to those arbors that are to be mounted to the tops of existing stucco or masonry walls, but without the mounting caps. In these applications we default to the threaded rod only, with the corresponding bore into the top of the wall to be accomplished on site by your installer. The threaded rod is set with epoxy.