Equity?  You are writing in from California, I assume.  Nowhere else are they so concerned with equity as California. To answer your question, I would say that it depends. If you are accustomed to shuffling around the house in a JC Penny’s housecoat and suddenly, in a fit of weakness you purchase a pair of slippers from Sax Fifth Avenue, the ensemble will more than likely tip the scales toward eccentricity rather than elevate the appearance of the robe. If, on the other hand, your robe is from Sax and your slippers from Penny’s, Prowell’s slippers will tilt the scales to the completed ensemble, raising your value, your general worth. When these criteria are met, Prowell’s contribution will in every instance raise the stock of your existence considerably beyond the initial investment. This plays out on an exponential curve–the better the property, the more substantial the gains in appraisal values.

That said, if you hold your home in the same light as shares to be flipped in a bull market, it might be best to keep quiet. The projects, from the first cut to the final assembly, are linked as much to the homeowner as the home itself. Knowing in advance that our patron is a passing entity somehow dulls the embedded pride of a woodworker driven to please you as an individual.