What about Homeowner’s Associations?

It's best to provide your Homeowner's Association with a dimensioned drawing of your proposed project, as well as a printed photo of the specific Prowell product. This insures the association understands the quality of the product you are considering. Otherwise, to them, a gate is a gate is a gate. They will also likely want

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How much do they typically weigh?

A double gate for a 12' opening (meaning two 6' wide gates), at 6' height, at 2-1/4" thickness, will weight approximately 125 lbs per gate. For an opening of, say, 16', with two 8' gates, will have each gate, with it's steel frame, weighing approximately 225 pounds. Embedded gates weigh approximately 275-300 lbs

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Swing direction–In or Out?

If your driveway slopes up, toward the residence, you may need to have your gates open out, toward the street. The alternative is to have the gates set high enough off the drive when closed so they will clear the high point of the rising drive slope when fully open. You can determine this height

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Do we need an automation contractor?

If your gates are to be automated, automation contractors are normally involved. Oftentimes your general contractor understands the process and can manage this himself. And on occasion the resourceful homeowner. Automation itself is fairly complicated. Not just selecting the correct motors and their installation, but trenching power to the site as well as understanding all

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Do we need a steel frame for our Driveway Gates?

Within the Drive Gate Base Costs page there are several options determining the applications. Option #1 are those overall opening widths that are 12' or less, requiring no steel frames. An approximate weight per gate of 125 lbs. Created with a system of joints that prevents these gates from ever sagging. Mounting to wood 6x6

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