Garden Gates

Do we need to stain or seal the gate?

Not really. The finish industry will have you believe that you in fact do need to apply a seal coat.  But Cedar is not fir, or any other species for that matter; there are inherent properties that make cedar a desirable exterior wood. Particularly the grades spec'd by Prowell (clear, kiln-dried, vertical-grain, with 20 growth

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Do you discount to the trade?

We do not offer discounts, per say, to the trade. Because we are a build-to-order business of custom products, our discounts, if any, are dished out sparingly and relegated mostly to the native sons and daughters of those regions we simply seldom hear from. Such as Mississippi. And North Dakota. And Wyoming. There is not,

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Should we hire an architect or contractor?

It depends. The scope of certain projects are improved with the presence of contractors and architects. It is common, in these cases, the contractor who provides PW (Prowell Woodworks) with the necessary dimensions and discussions regarding site issues. If your architect makes first contact, which is also common, we concern ourself at this juncture primarily

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How does the gate arrive?

Shipped gates via common freight carrier, delivered  at the foot of your drive. Cross-country shipments are commonly packed in a durable wood crate or ribbed cardboard crates Any circumstances that prevent the driver from accessing your property or off-loading your gate are the homeowner's responsibility. More information can be found under Shipping. Note: Although there have

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Do you provide installation?

Please visit Regarding Installations. Patrons within the general San Francisco Bay Area enjoy the availability of Brian Van Rheenan's Provident Construction. Fully and completely versed in the products, Brian for 15+ years has represented the tremendous resource of insuring what leaves the shop is met with a level of installation that is affordable, thorough, and of

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Will the gates ever sag?

No. For goodness sakes, if they sagged we would be falling short on the most fundamental criteria. The pedestrian gates and the drive gates will hold their stature as the homeowners themselves grow shorter and more vulnerable to the general ravages of the passing decades. The gates do not sag. Ever.

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Do the gates include posts and post caps?

No. The extra crate size and extra shipping cost would have you paying a premium for a western cedar post that can be ordered 'special order' at any lumber yard in the country (Big Box stores excepted.). Prowell's Post Caps are added as line items to your order. Standard post caps should be sourced by

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How much does it cost?

Yes, of course, the cost. The costs are listed on the Base Cost Table. Certain designs will obviously be more, or less, than others. The link to each gate design's percentage above or below the Base Cost can be found just above the first image on any given gate page, linking you to the Price

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