Wood Columns

What are those light holes in the caps?

They are a feature whose sole intention is to solicit breathless gasps from your guests who arrive and depart in the absolute darkness. The columns, you see, are invisible in the total darkness. There is only the light splayed through the grid pattern, and the small throws of light escaping through the weep holes in

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Can we choose a different Plexiglas color?

Hmmm.  Well, the standard plex is a 60% transparency 'White Light'. That means it is 40% opaque. The fixture itself is designed to spread 120º and set to a middle Kelvin setting (The color temperature from 2700 warm incandescent to 3,500 household florescent). So changing the color or translucence of your plex introduces a variety

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Do they arrive fully assembled?

Didn't I just address this concern in the above item? So I need to repeat myself. The columns arrive fully assembled, with one face temporarily set in place. This temporary face is removed on site and the column slips around the post and the missing face is re-mounted. The columns are secured to the posts

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How do they fasten to the posts?

This is covered in detail on Product Specifications, as well as the Gate Column General Information and Cost Page. The Columns arrive as 3-sided assemblies that are simply slipped around your post, insuring your wiring is fed out at the bottom before mounting the fourth side to the assembly with the provided screws and plugs in the

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Do we need an electrician?

Although it helps to have an experienced electrician for anything involving electrical current, the columns arrive with everything in place. The power is trenched to the site and functioned to the column wiring within an in-ground box from the extra stubbed out wiring provided.

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Are the columns solar powered?

No. After an investment of two years toward research and development of a solar-powered Landscape Lighting Column, we finally arrived at a unit that could provide solid and acceptable illumination even during the length of a New England winter. But, alas, we ran into a roadblock with securing the preferred solar panels from the Argentinian

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