Porch Swings

How are they made?

Mortise and tenon joinery in all the primary joints and floating tenons in the seat and backrest joints. The swings are made to last forever,, essentially, baring the neighborhood kids who mistake your swing for, say, a trampoline. or a roller coaster. * Hi. Can I interrupt for a minute? Do you have a number?

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Can your swings be hung in the yard?

Yes, of course. For landscape options, it's best to use the coated chain instead of the rope. We use a nylon  fiber, braided rope that is more than sufficient to bear the load and weather the elements for decades with the added protection of a porch roof. In the yard, however, it's best to opt

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Are there installation instructions?

Yes. A printed copy arrives with the swing, as well as the online PDF titled Swing Installation It is also helpful to visit the Swing Hardware and Installation page on the site for photos, drawings, and text explanations showing you the actual hardware and examples of how to install the porch swings. And of course captioned pictorials on

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What is included?

The Porch Swing, of course. For chain options: Coated chain; I-Bolts fixed to the swing frame; Clevis connectors fixed to the I-Bolts; two iron swivel ceiling mounts; and two heavy duty springs. For Rope Options: All the above with the addition of four brass crimps, which secure the rope when looped around the I-Bolts on

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