Can we visit your showroom?

Being open to the general public and wanting to meet the general public is like expecting the vaudeville performer to interact personally with each and every member of the audience. And although Charles and Ben are not vaudeville acts, they are nonetheless available for your visits to the shop in Cotati. Please call or write first

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Are you available to the public, or trade only?

We welcome inquiries and commissions from individuals, associations, municipalities, and trade alike. But bear in mind, we are not a company with a product line inventoried in a warehouse created by a legion of semi-skilled employees and therefore we do not offer discounts to the trade. Our only discounts are what we now and again

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Will your work increase our equity?

Equity?  You are writing in from California, I assume.  Nowhere else are they so concerned with equity as California. To answer your question, I would say that it depends. If you are accustomed to shuffling around the house in a JC Penny's housecoat and suddenly, in a fit of weakness you purchase a pair of

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Do the Custom Gates cost more?

In principle, no. The design work is verbal, or written, as we consider and discuss your specific needs. Costs are quoted throughout this process. Dimension drawings are available only with the acceptance of the advance payment. The ultimate cost may be higher or lower than a similar example on the site, due simply to the

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Will you design something for us?

It works best to choose one of the existing styles within the galleries and from this precedent we can make revisions and modifications to best suit the originality of both your landscape and architecture. To accomplish this, simply send along jpegs as a reference to our ensuing conversations. But be forewarned: Debtor's prison is not

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What forms of payment do you accept?

Master Card, Visa, Discover, Checks.  No American Express. Nor Chilean pesos. The Chileans once stripped Charles naked and threw him in a cold empty concrete room below the National Palace  for an entire afternoon.  That was Pinochet's boys. January 1976. And we don't accept Argentinian Pesos either, where Charles got caught in the Dirty War

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Are your products American made?

Mr Prowell has this genealogical history so well documented it wears like a pendant around the necks of he and his sisters and their sons and nephews and great nephews and great nieces and cousins and aunts and it's a lineage they've inherited. Obviously. Drawing to the 1680's maternally and the 1720's paternally as a

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