prowell gallery 1-A custom wood gate

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To your arriving guests, it may be their first encounter with a Prowell Garden Gate. A simple encounter. The modesty of their passing scrutiny that sets the precedent for you, and your welcoming presence.

Installation not included

Almost all single gate styles are available as Double Gates. On some select styles, minor revisions may be necessary Not all Double Gates shown are aesthetically appropriate as Single Gates. Design your own gate. Borrow and mix-match from one gate style to another. to create exactly the gate you want.

Bronze ball-bearing are the standard default with every gate. Latches can be viewed at the Hardware link at the top of any page.

The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

Be certain of the sovereignty of a Prowell Custom Wood Gate. Our mark will appear somewhere on every order.

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