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Welcome to the first of five galleries of Prowell’s Signature Wood Garden Gates. Debuting in 1995 as a new benchmark in both design and structural methodology. There are more than 140 Wood Gates awaiting you in the galleries ahead. Pricing is calculated from a standard base, with each gate style given a percentage above or below the Base Cost. Follow the Price link on every gate page, and calculate its percentage to the Price Table. Keep track of your favorites and eventually, somehow, make a decision.

  • All single gate styles are available as Double Gates. On some select styles, minor revisions may be necessary. Not all Double Gates are available as Single Gates. Please inquire.
  • Design your own gate. Borrow and mix-match from one gate style to another to create exactly what you want.

Installation not included

Garden Gate #1 does not exist.
There has never been a #1.

* Prowell Gates are drawn from Clear, Dry, Vertical-Grained Western Cedar with a minimum of 20 growth rings per inch

* Wood joinery. No metal fasteners, screws or nails.

Prowell’s Garden gates will never sag

* Be certain of the sovereignty of a Prowell Custom Wood Gate. Our mark will appear somewhere on every order.

87% off standard UPS Freight rates

Gallery #1 Garden Gates
Gallery #1A Garden Gates
Gallery #1B Garden Gates
Gallery #1C Garden Gates
Gallery #200 Series Garden Gates Plus
Gallery #2 Driveway Gates
Gallery #3 Fences
Gallery #4 Arbors
Gallery #5 Columns
Gallery #6 Benches/Swings
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