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Truly defined as an outdoor wooden gate, blending into the site environment with the help of some actual foliage within the gate itself. Our Black Bamboo gate is a nice aberration from standard bamboo, and the result is a polished gate design that appears slightly calmed by the existence of natural, organic Bamboo.

cropped image showing bamboo garden gates #41


Santa Barbara, CA

The bamboo gate in Santa Barbara, CA, wrapped with a solid frame mass that we’re told will eventually see the established shrubbing to either side, furthering the organic aesthetic while providing a perimeter barrier. The black framing is provided by the homeowner and is simply 6×6 posts and cross-beam, stained black.

site photograph showing bamboo gate #41-1 in santa barabara, california

Charles, in 2008, shown inserting the bamboo. The bamboo itself is grown in a nursery on the foggy Sonoma coast, 8 miles west of the shop.

image showing charles in the shop with bamboo gate #41 in 2008

The bamboo¬† outdoor gate #41 is by definition, an irregular creation. The bamboo is going to vary in diameter, simply because the bamboo stalks taper slightly over their length. If you are, by profession, an engineer or an accountant or an attorney or a data processor, Prowell’s Bamboo Gate may frustrate your inherent sense of order.

cropped image showing irregular bamboo pickets


Berkeley, CA

With the addition of an added lower vertical stile, creating two panels to the outdoor gate #41 -1 in Berkeley, California. Another example of our homeowners setting the gate to 6×6 posts and a swooping cross-beam, stained dark.

Bamboo wood gate 41-2


Marin County, CA

The original bamboo gate in San Anselmo, CA, commissioned in 2000.

site photo of bamboo gate #41-3 in marin county, california

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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#41-3— 0017-Nichols
# 41-2: 0817-Lavin