Base Price + 150% with Acrylic and expoxy inlay
Base price + 110% w/o acrylic
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Furthering a passing fascination with translucent acrylic rod and the arc of a rising or setting sun. A confluence of wood, tinted epoxy, acrylic rod, and teak grids make for the Postmodern garden gate design #201 that’s all about form.

cropped photo showing the modern postmodern wood gate #201

Morgan Hill, CA

The contemporary, postmodern lines of gate #201 shown in Morgan Hill, CA.

site photograph showing the postmodern wood gate 201

Morgan Hill, CA

SSent in 10 years after the installation to illustrate the glancing sunlight refracting through the acrylic rods. While the two pups insist on being a part of the moment.

site photo showing garden gate #210 with the sunlight on the acrylic rods in Morgan Hill, California

Morgan Hill, CA

AAn early 1950’s residence modified and retrofitted by husband and wife architects.

contemporary architectural wood gates

Morgan Hill, CA

Prowell shown in the shop with the nearly completed postmoderngarden gate design #201 on the workbench.

shop photograph showing the modern wood gate #201 on the workbenchProwell's modern custom gates

Morgan Hill, CA

The postmodern garden gate design #201 facing a setting sun, with the angle of the sun changing over the course of 45 minutes, and the resulting rods diffusing from those on the left of the gate to those on the right side of the gate. An identical effect with the sunrise.

* Shown below with a series of small acrylic plates within the teak gridwork. .

site photo showing the refracting light on the rods for postmodern wood garden gates #201

Charles using a hand scraper in lieu of a final sanding.

Gate Design
Fences Gates

Image link to Fine Home building magazine with the modern wood gate #201

Golden State Gate Builders

by Ben and Charles Prowell
Featuring gate #201, among others.

Fine Homebuilding April 2016
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image link to landscaping netwoork

image link of Garden Design Magazine with postmodern garden gate design #201

Featured in:
Garden Design 2014
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We lay a few cross-rails in place to see how it looks and it looks like a ladder. A wide ladder. Or an over sized wall vent. But it’s a good start to a clean unfettered design born from a block-and-tackle vision of 90-degree angles and flush-joined intersections.

shop in-progress photo on how to build the wood gate #201


cropped photo showing the progress of building the modern gates #201


We can expect a secondary reward to these rods when exposed to the direct sunlight. Depending on a southern exposure and the progressing arc of the sun, the rods will illuminate, or back-light, in a succession to the sun’s trajectory. The time it takes to pass from the rods on the right of the gate to those on the left should be about 15 minutes, and something of a conversational piece in itself. The same timetable between those rods in the upper half of this postmodern garden gate design, and those in the lower, with the upper illuminating for sunsets and the lower illuminating first for sunrises.

cropped photo showing a close-up on gate #201


The dry assembly of a tight grid, illustrating the interlocking weave that mirrors the larger interlocking weave of the gate itself. But more, the purpose of the grid is to center the eye and create a disparity between the larger, more open grids and this tighter layout that will eventually be grounded by the gate latch.

progress photo of the woodshop building a wood gate 201


The finish grid, punctuated by four beveled ebony corner pins.
The grid interlocks, or weaves in the same pattern as the primary grid dividers of the gate itself. One course under and the next, over.

shop photo showing the grid of the modern wood gate #201


West Systems Epoxy, tinted with epoxy coloring agents.

shop photo showing the use of tinted epoxy on modern wood gate 201


Carefully working the epoxy to avoid any air bubbles.

shop photo of the gate 201 in progress


photograph taken in the wood shop of charles finishing the postmodern garden gate design 201


garden_gate_201hh. Charles prowell in shop

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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