G arden Gate #209 as a study in feathered laminations and grounding grids.

Unique wood garden gate #109.

custom wood garden gate #209a

Designer wood garden gate #209c

Unique wood garden gate #209b

The below image is available for purchase in our Zazzle Gift Shop. Cropped from the fancy gate #209.

cropped photograph showing the exceptional gate #209.



The slats for modern fence gate #209 are ripped to dimension and passed through the drum sander before receiving the glue below as they are set onto the clamping form.

shop progress photograph showing the lamination forms for the modern fence gate #209


The basic outline for the unusual gate design #209 are initially drawn out on cardboard. Below we see the primary truss and the pencil lines of a proposed feathering.

shop progress photograph showing the layout for the exceptional gate #209.


The second truss for the modern fence gate 209.
Following the same system. The top clamping cleats are used to create an even pressure conformed to the profile of the form. Within each lamination is a 1/4″ thick darker ribbon of cedar.

shop photograph showing the progress of gluing up bent laminations for the spectacular gate designs #209.


Three additional layers are added to the original profile, with each layer feathering off to the shape of the clamping forms shown below. Each with its own ribbon of darker cedar.

In-progress shop photograph showing how to build the unusual gate #209.


The feathering truss being planed with a radius plane. Radius planes have a pliant sole that adjusts to a given radius.

shop photograph showing the radius plane for the modern fence gate 209.


Stanley Victor #20 Cast Iron Circular Compass Plane. Circa 1879 (OR Radius plane, for short).

Stanley Victor #20 Compass plane used in the unusual gate #209 laminations


ship photo showing how how to design a wood gate or the fancy gate 209


A fourth, smaller radius being clamped up on a form that will get stashed in the loft, waiting along with the other forms for the fancy gate 209 that will make the next 209 a little simpler.

shop progress photograph showing the smaller radius for the unusual gate #209. How to build a wood gate


Meanwhile, the shop comes to a grinding halt to accommodate photographers from Taunton Press.

shop photograph of the woodworking shop with Taunton Press photographing the exceptional gate #209


Shop photo showing charles at work on the fancy gate 209.

Image link to Fine Homebuilding magazine featuring the unusual gate 209

By Ben and Charles Prowell
Featuring gate #209, among others.
Fine Home building April 2016
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