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Difficult to say from where this inspiration originated. The geometry of Origami coupled with a hint of Cubism infused with a realm of Looney Tunes.

Modern Abstract Gate #210 might be better considered as a perfume, with a scent that emanates throughout, but whose pupillary focus cannot be so easily defined.

cropped photograph showing the modern gate # 210

Charles deferring to the ergonomics of the easel for the inlay. The #210 is an abstract gate design to be either loved, or hated.

photograph showing charles prowell in the woodshop with the abstract gate design #210

Light and dark toned western cedars to create depth and various planes.
Black African Wenge for it’s rigid density and color.
Yellow agate marbles.
The modern gate #210 is a surprise of twists and turns and upended geometry. 

close-up cropped photograph showing the artistic workmanship of the modern front gate #210.

close-up photograph showing the detail woodworking for the abstract gate design #210

Another close-up photograph showing the eccentric gate #210 woodworking

Third close-up view of the joinery and woodworking for the modern gate #210.

photograph showing modern front gate #210

The Marbles within the modern gate #210 are reminiscent of the Where’s Waldo books. Summon the kids, or grand kids, and tell them to find the 3 marbles hidden within the photo at the top of this page.

photograph showing the abstract gate design #210 with marbles

photograph showing the lower eccentric gate #210 section

woodworking graphic design 210j. prowell



As a start, the gate design features acute and obtuse angles, dictating everything to come.

shop progress photo showing the gate design#210


Joining the primary segments of the gate design with small Wenge tenons and a 1/4″ gap. Introducing a continuous Wenge spline that will ultimately serve to anchor whatever else spins off these two primary segments.

shop photo showing the amazing gate #210 in early stages.


shop photo showing wenge tenons for the amazing gate #210


The primary wenge spline of modern gate 210 is set to a pair of Wenge oval bases, which will have to be mirrored elsewhere at some juncture.

Upper right corner three angles combining toward an abstract canvass.

Lower left the first look at some method of vanishing perspectives that will ultimately become the initial focal point–where the eye gravitates on first glance. Here I have in mind a cross between abstract, and Looney Tunes. By this I mean an aesthetic that surpasses the realm of known and expected geometry to something that suspends reality.

shop photo of eccentric gate #210


The lower left effect following half a dozen attempts to accomplish a mind’s-eye goal of blending cartoon illustration within a platform of acute and obtuse angles. An eccentric gate with Looney Tunes overtures. 

shop progrsss photograph of modern front gate 210


More confusing to create than I had imagined. The receding perspective is less apparent, and the cartoon effect is nominal. Nevertheless, it becomes the anchor, the footing, to where the eye begins it’s slow scrutiny of making sense of what is essentially nonsense.

shop progress photo of abstract gate design 210


The upper right corner and how the use of the Wenge splines and secondary spline allow the contrast and separation of what otherwise would be slabs of geometrical planes gone amuk.

shop progress photograph of eccentric gate #210


Cutting, marking, and fitting pieces to the modern front gate as dry-fits into an accurate layout. By accurate we mean their alignment. If that alignment skewers by a pencil line, then the actual joinery and glue-up will eventually be amiss for the permanent assembly process.

hop progress photograph showing charles fitting the pieces to the modern front gate #210


An out-of-square frame set with 3/4″ stock in a darker hue of cedar as a background.

It helps to photograph the composition and look at it with a perspective not possible while actually working on the piece. Similar to an impressionist painting; when viewed up close it offers no clues to what can actually be seen from a more distanced perspective. An apology offered for the confusing background board; the abstract gate design itself has enough going on without the distractions of the wafer-board. 

shop in-progress photo of the abstract gate design #210Unbelievable wood gates #210

We’ll throw in the matching continuum of the shop railing, created  a few weeks after the completion of the modern gate #210. .

shop photo sowing the matching shop railing to the abstract gate 3210.

photograph showing the shop railing that accompanied the eccentric gate #210

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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