Latches and Dead Bolts are pre-bored in the shop for our Gate Patrons. Those sourcing their Gate Latches elsewhere are responsible for their own boring.

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Rocky Mountain Hardware

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Ships in 6 weeks

For Hardware-Only sales. Call 800-466-1850
For gate latch orders, we need:
1) Gate thickness
2) Swing direction (see diagram below)

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MD Latch

BZ and LT patinas ship in 3+ weeks
All other patinas ship in 6 weeks

Swing diagram

Prowell’s quest for durable, elegant Gate Hardware

Prior to the early 1990’s, garden gates were carpenter’s affairs. Screwed and nailed 2×4 frames with diagonal bracing that warranted little more than a functional latch. Two years of prototypes lead Prowell to a new benchmark in this long overlooked genre that suddenly raised the bar in the workmanship and design of a long overlooked medium.

And yet there remained no comparable gate latches of an equal quality. There was at the time a manufacturer in England who worked from molds dating to an early English aesthetic, in iron, and powder-coated black with the result of rusting iron within months of installation.

Prowell badgered the manufacturers in the states to develop a line dedicated to gates. But for years and years no one believed there was a suitable market to warrant the investment. That is until Rocky Mountain stepped forward around the turn of the century, the 21st century, with a limited offering of wonderfully made bronze latches from their foundry in Idaho. The molds are clean and succinct, while providing the durable convenience of cam-driven spring-loaded levers.

There were now choices, where for many years before, none existed.

A partnership developed between the gate designer and these two manufactures. A partnership that continues to this day, providing one another equal counterparts toward a level of workmanship and design that have long been the benchmark in this genre.

Prowell Woodworks was founded in 1977 in San Francisco, CA.