Custom Wood Porch Swing #23

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Shown with two coats of the non-toxic WoodRX “Teak” finish.
Ships natural or pre-finished. See Pre-Finish Options

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custom wood porch and patio bench


Watertown, New York

Porch Swing #23 in Watertown, New York. Readied for trick or theaters.

Custom wood porch swing 23-1


Tenons and interlocking haunches joined the typical backrest of a Wood Swing designed by Prowell Woodworks.

joinery for wood swings



Charles in the shop, creating the final layout of the backrest for the original Porch Swing #23.

Lots of intricate joinery.

And why bother? Why bother with a swing design that, by comparison to the existing market, resides somewhere over the rainbow? Well, if one follows the current American template for success, it would have us settling on a more manageable design that can in turn be built by a host of semi-skilled employees that would, in turn, free the founders to become . . . become what? Something other than woodworkers it would seem. Businessmen, managers, your general run-of-the-mill big shots in a culture that has overlooked the essence of what makes life interesting, and challenging. Remaining engaged in your chosen field to the extent you raise the bar.

Don’t be in such a hurry to leave the trenches.

And to those who believe the most productive economy is the most efficient economy, concerned with volume and price points competitive with our out-sourcing culture . . . to those who still believe this, we might mention that if Prowell Woodwork’s only product was the wood swing, life would be just fine. Add to the swings the same approach to all their products and you are taught a fundamental principal in anyone’s economy: There is a constituency–a very large and thriving constituency–who prefer to do business directly with Charles or Ben and who will summon the patience and heighten the anticipation of possessing this product and who, in all the calamity of current economic prophesies, appreciate the presence of a rainbow.

building a wood swing


But there is more. Have you ever wondered why Frank Lloyd Wright or Somerset Maugham or Pablo Picasso worked productively into their 90″s?
Charles and Ben are none of the above, but they are engaged with each day as if it were the only day, over a medley of product designs that makes each day succinct from another. And how, over decades, this can and will shape a life with the resiliency of a changing wind.

Ben, hand-planing each member of the backrest grids.

building wood porch swing 23 by prowell woodworks


With the completed assembly comes the configuring of the hardware. The support bolts and clevis connectors and, in this order, the rope crimps.

constructing wood porch swing 23_pr1 by prowell woodworks


custom wood porch swing #23 in progress. Prowell woodworks

The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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