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Lower center vertical stiles / two lower panels

The left leaf of the wood entry gates #2-5. Standard picket width of 1-⅝” x 1-½” spacing.

cropped image showing wood entry gates #2-5


Palo Alto, CA

We’ll begin with the completed installation of the wooden entry gates #2-5, sent in from Silicone Valley, CA. Illustrating the basic premise of the upper pickets and lower panel. Here it is shown with a pair of lighted Prowell Columns. The site contractor has elected to use the Viking I-8 In-Ground operators.

For more on the Columns, click here.
For more on the specifications of the In-ground operators, click here.

site photograph showing the wood entry gate #2-5 in Silicone Valley, California


Palo Alto, CA

A look at how the driveway gates are hinged to the Prowell Columns when using the In-Ground operators.

site photograph showing the top hinge for wood entry gate #2-5 in san Francisco bay area


Brooklyn, NY

Wood driveway gate #2-7 features a grid pattern on each gate leaf. Site photo are expected soon.
Pickets are 1-1/4″ width and narrowly spaced at only ¾”.
Single lower solid floating panel with no lower vertical stile and no lower open slots

Custom wood driveway gates #2-7


Brooklyn, NY

Final photos of the full installation are awaiting the end of a harsh winter and arrival of spring. In the meantime we’ll post this Google Maps shot showing a blurry view of the drive gates. Beyond the hedge are multiple panels, side gate, and arbor.

The house itself

custom wood driveway gates #2-7 in Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NY

The home itself, and its history, warrant a little attention. 

historic brooklyn home


Each pattern grid is centered with a wenge inset.
And what is wenge? An exotic species harvested in Africa, and why we use it sparingly. It’s extremely dense and resistance to decay and holds its dark coloring without weathering to a grayish patina with exposure.

Photo credit: Ben Prowell


Photo credit: Ben Prowell


Marin County, California

Wood driveway gate #2 features two grid patterns per gate leaf, with lower open slots and lower vertical stiles. As is a sliding gate, in Ross, CA with two gates mounted to a single-span steel frame that is exposed on the yard side. Modified from the basic #2 to incorporate the joined patterns in the upper picket section.

More information is available on the Specifications page regarding sliding gate designs.

site photograph showing the sliding gate designs #2 in marin county, california


Ross, CA

Street-side presence of a small lot in need of privacy. Two pair of sliding driveway gate designs access a circular drive, centered by a 4-post Entry Gate and several Fence Panel Style #9.

*( Sliding driveway gates require only one motor. Bi-parting sliding gates, where each gate-leaf slides in opposite directions, requires two motors).

site photograph showing the sliding gate design #2 in Ross, CaliforniaWooden Driveway Gates style #2 with matching fence panels


Petaluma, CA (Sonoma County)

Sliding driveway gate designs #2-1, in Sonoma County, CA

Standard picket width and spacing. Two gate leaves mounted onto a single-span steel frame as a single driveway sliding gate designs.

Illustrating a driveway grade that slopes to the left, as well as down toward the house. The Gate must slide open to the left, toward the dropping grade. And because the slope is as much as 8″, we have elected to follow that slope in the gate construction, lest we’re left with a sizable gap.

Three options when presented with sloping grades:

  1. Introduce a black rubber sweep dadoed to the bottom for drops of 2-6″. Seen here: Driveway Gate 10
  2. ‘Partial Racked’, as shown here, where the top rail is level, and the bottom rail runs parallel to the slope, and consequently, the lower panels grows increasingly longer. This acknowledges the visual slope, but does not confuse our eye with how a slope alone might distort the entire gate geometry.
  3. Severe slopes leaves us no alternative but to create a full ‘Full Racked’, where all horizontal rails are parallel to the sloping grade. Seen here: Gate #78

For more on Sloping Grades.

site photograph showing the sliding gate design #2-1 in sonoma county, california


Petaluma, CA

The fence panels to each side of the single-span, sliding driveway gate are ‘stepped’, carrying the climbing grade.

On the far left we see a fence panel climbing a dramatic slope, with the bottom rail parallel to the sloping hillside.

wooden entry gates #2-1 in Petaluma, California


No lower vertical stile. Lower open slots

Sausalito, CA

A Sausalito property with another single-span, sliding driveway gate. Surface-mounted to a steel frame exposed on the yard side.
(Option #2 n the Base Price Tables

Standard picket width and spacing. Lower vertical stile with divided lower solid panels per gate leaf.

Once again, we illustrate the ‘Partial racked’ bottom rail, running parallel to a severe slope. (Racked Bottom: Add 6%)
>>More on Sloping Grades

site photograph showing the entrance gate design #2-2 in Marin County, California


Sausalito, CA

One of the options for configuring sliding-gate rollers (maintaining the alignment of the drive gates) is shown below, with the rollers in contact with the gate. The disadvantage is that often the rollers will blemish the finish of a painted gate as they slide open and closed.

For more on sliding drive gates, see Product Specifications.

site photograph showing the alignment rollers for sliding gate designs #2-2 in Marin County, California


No lower center vertical stile. Lower open slots.  Standard picket width and spacing 
Los Angeles, CA

The cedar driveway gates #2-4 in Westchester, California, illustrating how an entrance gate design can often be configured to act as a pedestrian access as well, simply by off-setting the widths of the two gates. The larger gate is fixed in place with a cane bolt.

site photograph showing the entrance gate design #2-4 in Westchester, california


No lower open slots. Divided lower solid floating panels per gate leaf. 

Sebastopol, CA

The wood driveway gate #2-6 in Sonoma County, CA. Flanked on the left by Gate style #5 and on the right by Fence Panel #1. A third-party overhead arbor built by the contractor/homeowner.

Site photograph showing drive gate #2-6 in sonoma county, california


No lower center vertical stile. Single lower solid floating poanels per gate leaf. Pickets at 2″ spacing

Ross, CA (Marin County)

And finally, closing with Prowell’s original driveway entrance gate design #2.

This double-swing cedar driveway gates in Marin County, California remains on the site in deference to one of the two-dozen families who steadfastly patronized Prowell’s work in the late 70’s and 80’s, commissioning endless furnishings and interior make-overs. We were a young family then, with babies and an at-home mom and the loyalty of these patrons will never be forgotten.

site photograph showing the entrance gate designs #2 in Marin County, California.


shop progress photo of custom wood driveway gate #2-7aaPhoto credit: Ben Prowell



Typical thru-tenonry with locking wenge wedges.  The wedges are driven in tight, expanding the kerfed tenon tightly against the shoulders of the mortise. When the gate takes on the moisture of dew, humidity, and rain, the joints tightens even more. In the drier months, as the gate evaporates it’s moisture and contracts, the joint returns to its original tight fit.

The other end of the tenon is fixed with a variety of methods, from a flared fit puzzled to the flared mortise itself, or pinned with oak dowels not as integrity pins–through the face of the gate–but as locking pins  set vertically up through the edge of the 3/4″T tenon. 

For a full consideration of prowell’s preferred joinery, Click Here

shop progress photo custom wood driveway gate #2-7bb

wood fence
The Designs of Prowell Woodworks are protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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